Human Rights in the Digital Era

Campaigning for Online Privacy

Jim Killock, the Executive Director for the Open Rights Group (ORG) presents the ORG’s campaign for online privacy

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“Campaigning for Online Privacy: The Quest for a Coherent Public Response to Digital Privacy Threats” – Jim Killock, Executive Director for the Open Rights Group  – London

Jim Killock from the Open Rights Group looks at the threats to privacy posed by governments, corporations and inadequate regulation. Looking at ORG and other campaigners work covering examples such as Data Retention, ID Cards, Phorm and Intercept Modernisation, and the regulations and policy drivers behind each of these, we can see a pattern of negligence and devaluing privacy in the face of supposed government and corporate self interest: yet ultimately constitutional, political and ethical considerations can trump narrow concerns. The challenge for campaigners is creating a coherent policy response that gains traction within governments and bureaucracies, rather than the instincts of the public.

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