Human Rights in the Digital Era

Net Neutrality Policy in the UK

Giles Moss (ICS, University of Leeds) considers the citizens’ interests in neutral networks in terms of suggesting a viable network neutrality policy for the UK.

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“What’s the citizen’s interest in neutral networks? Network neutrality policy in the UK” – Dr Giles Moss, University of Leeds

Many countries are currently in the process of upgrading their communications infrastructure and networks. As they do so, one of the central questions they face is the issue of ‘network neutrality’: should network providers treat all content on their networks equally or should they be allowed to discriminate among different uses on commercial grounds. This paper evaluates policy response to network neutrality in the UK and considers the broader implications for media and communications policy. It argues that the current narrow emphasis on market competition and consumer sovereignty fails to address adequately the significant concerns and public values that are at stake in debates over net neutrality. The paper concludes by considering the citizen’s interest in neutral networks and suggests that network neutrality should be viewed as an important communicative entitlement to be secured in future networks.

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