Human Rights in the Digital Era

16th September 2011, School of Law, University of Leeds


About the Conference

This is the official website set up for the “Human Rights in the Digital Era” Conference, which was held on the 16th of September 2011 at the School of Law in Leeds. This Conference was an initiative of the School of Law in collaboration with the Institute of Communication Studies. The aim of the conference was to define the significance that human rights hold within a digital environment and to inform and stimulate debate between academics and postgraduate students from different backgrounds and disciplines, highlighting the dangers that human rights face online and suggest ways to overcome them.

The conference included four plenary sessions on the following areas:

  • Access Denied: From Online Access to Net Neutrality
  • Digital Policy: CTRL Extreme Content, ALTernative Threats, DELETE freedom of expression?
  • Behind the Firewall: The Right to Forget, the Right to Online Identity and Other Tales from the Digital Woods.
  • Publishing in the Online Wild West: ESCaping Privacy